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Airframe Extra No.7

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Airframe Extra No.7
Airframe Extra No.7 Airframe Extra No.7 Airframe Extra No.7 Airframe Extra No.7
Airframe Extra No.7: ‘The Suez Crisis – Empire's End’
ISBN 978-0-9935345-7-7

Covers the historical background prior to the conflict and aerial operations by all sides from 28th October to the ceasefire on 7th November 1956.
  • Historical narrative by Steve A. Evans
  • Numerous period images
  • Colour profiles by Richard J Caruana
  • Specially commissioned kit builds:
    - 1/48th Meteor NF Mk 13 (Classic Airframes),
    - 1/48th N.A. P-51D (Hasegawa),
    - 1/48th Republic RF-84F Thunderstreak (Tan Model)  by Steve A. Evans
    - 1/72nd Meteor F Mk 8 (Xtrakits),
    - 1/72nd Sea Hawk FGA Mk 6 (HobbyBoss),
    - 1/72nd Piper Cub (Kovozávody Prostejov) by Libor Jekl​​​​​​​
    - 1/72nd Il-28 Beagle (Trumpeter) by Steve A. Evans​​​​​​​

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