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Airco D.H.2 ProfiPACK

Scale: 1/48th
Manufacturer: Eduard
Ref No: 8094
Material: IM, PE
UK Distributor: Hannants
UK Price: £22.60

Kit Review
This is a reissue of the kit first released in 2005, then upgraded with pre-painted photo-etched and reissued in 2011.

Inside the box you will find three sprues of a medium grey-coloured plastic, a fret of photo-etched brass, acetate film and a set of self-adhesive masks. Surface detail is via raised stitching on the nacelle pod sides and gentle undulations for the fabric effect on the wings. A dozen or so stages complete assembly, all of which are clearly shown in the accompanying full-colour instruction booklet. All colour call-outs are via Gunze-Sangyo Mr Aqueous Hobby Color and Mr Color ranges. Alternative parts are needed right from the start of the build and those applicable to each of the colour options are clearly shown. You use quite a bit of the pre-painted photo-etched in the cockpit, to create the instrument panel etc., but is is also used elsewhere on the airframe for things like the Poppet vales and rockers on the engine, the control linkage horns, windscreen frame, ammunition drum sides and the three styles of ammunition drum holder on the port side of the nacelle. Two and four-blade propellers are included and the self-adhesive masks allow you to mask up and spray the brass leading edges on either version. The masks also include one for the nacelle underside, so you can achieve the jagged-edge of the stitching in this region. The final stage in the instructions is a set of three rigging diagrams, which are always welcome.

Colour Options
The kit offers four decal options: 

• 6011 of No.24 Sqn, flown by Arthur G. Knight, RFC, 1916

• 7851 of C Flight, No.32 Sqn, flown by William G.S. Curphey, RFC, France, 1916

• 5998 of No.24 Sqn, flown by Capt. John O. Andrews, RFC, France, 1916

• 5967 of A Flight, No.24 Sqn, flown by Robert H.M.S. Saundby, RFC, France, July 1916

The decal sheet is excellent and has perfect register and colour density. It includes a full set of airframe stencils as well s various dial faces for the instrument panel
This has always been 'the' choice for the type in this scale, and it remains so. The upgrade by adding coloured photo-etched does add that little extra to the kit and so it you missed in in 2011, it is well worth in investing in now. 

UK modellers can obtain this kit from Hannants (here), or you can visit the Eduard website directly (here).