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Aircraft of JV44 Part 1 (ADS)

Our Price: £4.00
Status: Pre-owned decal
Manufacturer: ADS
Ref No: ADS005-72
Scale: 1/72
Material: Decal

Sorry, this item is out of print/stock.
If you would like to see this product reprinted/restocked please email us.

Decals and instructions for the following options:
Fw 190D-9, 'Red 1'
Fw 190D-11 'White Chevron 57'
Me 262A-1a,'Red S'
Me 262A-1a/U4 WNr 111899
Me 262A-2a, 'Black L'
Fw 190D-11, 'Red 4' and 'White Chevron 58'
Me 262A-1a, 'White 1/S'
Me 262A-1a 'White 4'
Decals are in excellent condition (not yellowed) and offered in original packaging with instructions