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Airframe Album No.19

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Airframe Album No.19
Airframe Album No.19 Airframe Album No.19 Airframe Album No.19 Airframe Album No.19
Airframe Album No.19: The Fairey Barracuda
- A Detailed Guide to the Fleet Air Arm’s First Torpedo-Bomber Monoplane
by Richard A. Franks
ISBN 978-1-912932-34-4

Our nineteenth title in the Airframe Album series will be an essential reference for any FAA enthusiast tackling the Special Hobby (1/48th & 1/72nd) kits along with older kits such as the Frog 1/72nd scale example and will be an ideal companion to our previous titles covering the Fairey Firefly, Hawker Sea Fury and de Havilland Sea Hornet.

The Fairey Barracuda contains:

  • A wealth of historical and walkaround photographs and detail images of the type including data from flight manuals and spare parts catalogues
  • Period detail images & diagrams during production and service use
  • Isometric views by Juraj Jankovic of all prototype, production and test airframes
  • Concise camouflage and marking notes
  • Colour profiles by Richard J. Caruana
  • Lists of all Barracuda kits, accessories, decals & masks produced in all scales
  • Detailed build of the Special Hobby 1/72nd Barracuda Mk I by Libor Jekl
  •  Front cover artwork by Arkadiusz Wrobel
  •  At least 128 pages