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Arado Ar 234B Landing Gear

Scale: 1/32nd
Manufacturer: Scale Aircraft Conversions
Ref No: 32093
Material: WM
Designed for: Fly kits
UK Price: £13.50
UK Distributor: Hannants

Accessory Review
This set is offered as a direct replacement for the kit parts, but with more detail and, where appropriate, correcting any errors. As you can see all of the parts offer greater levels of detail than can be found in the kit components. We have always found these sets most useful, simply because they allow a degree of adjustment to get the wheels to sit squarely on the ground, which is something you just don’t get with plastic.

This set can be used with either version of the Ar 234 thus far released by Fly

The whole range is distributed in the UK by Hannants, and our thanks to Scale Aircraft Conversions (www.scaleaircraftconversions.com) for the review sample.