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Bf 109G Royal (Bunny Fighter Club Edition)

Scale: 1/48th
Manufacturer: Eduard
Ref No: BFC015
EU Price: €33.75

Decal Review
Again this sheet is offered within the 'Bunny Fighter Club', so you need to be a member to buy it off the Eduard site and it is not distributed worldwide as a result. It offers markings for the following 16 options:
• Bf 109G-2, flown by Maj. Hannes Trautloft, JG 54, Eastern Front, summer 1942

• Bf 109G-2/Trop, flown by Oblt Werner Schroer, 8./JG 27, Rhodes, early November 1942

• Bf 109G-2/Trop, flown by Maj. Heinz Bär, I./JG 77, Comiso, Italy, September 1942

• Bf 109G-2/Trop, W/Nr.10501, Stab/JG 77, Bir el Abd airfield, North Africa, early November 1942

• Bf 109G-4, W/Nr.19257, flown by Fw. Viktor Petermann, 5./JG 52, Southern part of the Eastern Front, June 1943

• Bf 109G-4, W/Nr.19347, flown by Fw. Jan Reznak, 13.(Slowaken)/JG 52, Anapa airfield, Soviet Union, April/May 1943

• Bf 109G-6, W/Nr.20499, flown by Lt. Erich Hartmann, 9./JG 52, Nove Zaporozhye, October 1943

• Bf 109G-6, W/Nr.15909, flown by Hptm. Gerhard Barkhorn, II./JG 52, Eastern Front, September, 1943

• Bf 109G-6, flown by Oblt Kurt Gabler, 8./JG 300, Jüterbog–Waldlager, Germany, July 1944

• Bf 109G-6, W/Nr.163162, 2a Squadriglia, 2o Gruppo Caccia, Verona-Villafranca, Italy, October 1944

• Bf 109G-6, W/Nr.165267, 1/HleLv 34, Taipalsaari airfield, July 1944

• Bf 109G-6, W/Nr.95417, flown by Lt Pál Bélavári, 101/3. vadászszázad, Veszprém air base, Hungary, August 1944

• Bf 109G-6, flown by Lt. Baciu Dumitru, Grupul 1 Vânănatoare, early May 1945

• Bf 109G-6, W/Nr.163815, Fliegerkompagnie 7, Flugwaffe, Interlaken air base, June 1945

• Bf 109G-14, W/Nr.464534, 19./EJG 2, Pilsen airfield, May 1945

• Bf 109G-14, W/Nr.781308, flown by Lt. Hans-Helmut Linck, 10./JG 4, Alteno, Germany, 11th September 1944

The decal sheet includes all the unique markings plus swastikas (where allowed by law) and there is a secondary sheet offering two sets of airframe stencils.

These decals are beautifully printed in the Czech Republic, with perfect register and colour. All the options have been included in the Royal Class kit of the G-series but are offered here for those who missed it and want one or more of the options for use with the standard kits.

Our thanks to Eduard for the review sample, visit their website (here) for more details or to purchase this sheet.