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Bristol Blenheim in RAF Service

Scale: 1/72nd
Manufacturer: DK Decals
Ref No: 72004
UK Distributor: Hannants
UK Price: £7.99

Decal Review
This sheet offers markings for the following options:
• Mk If, YP•H, No.23 Sqn, 1940 (Night overall)
• Mk If, L1408, ZK•X, No.25 Sqn. France, 1940 (Dark Earth/Dark Green/Sky)
• Mk If, L1388, VA•W, No.113 Sqn. Greece, 1941 (Dark Earth/Dark Green/Sky)
• Mk IVf, V6078, ND•S, No.236 Sqn, 1940 (Dark Earth/Dark Green/Sky)
• Mk IVf, T1996, HA•B, No.218 Sqn, 1941(Dark Earth/Dark Green/Sky)
• Mk IVf, V5458, RT•Q, No.114 Sqn, 1942 (Dark Earth/Dark Green/Night)
• Mk IVf, Z7359, WV•R, No.18 Sqn, 1941 (Dark Earth/Dark Green/Night)
• Mk IVf, •LY, No.1 PRU, 1941 (PRU Blue overall)
• Mk IV, •?, No.89 Sqn, Egypt, 1942 (Dark Earth/Middlestone/Night)
• Bolingbroke Mk IV, 9066, SZ•K, No.147(BR) Sqn, RCAF, Canada, 1942 (Dark Earth/Dark Green/Night)
• Bolingbroke Mk IV, 9066, Western Air Command, Canada, 1943 (Dark Slate Grey/Extra Dark Sea Grey/White)
The decal sheet includes all the unique markings and serial number plus a selection of six Type B, twelve Type C1 and two Type C roundels with six pairs of fin flashes in various sizes/styles.

The decals are superb, perfect print and colour and nice and glossy with very little carrier; it just makes you want to go and build all the options! This is therefore highly recommended to anyone with one or more of the new Airfix kits to build.

Our thanks to DK Decals for the review sample. Visit their website at www.dkdecals.cz for detail on this and all their other products.