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Bücker Bü 131D 'WWII Axis'

Scale: 1/32nd
Manufacturer: ICM
Ref No: D3201
UK Distributor: Hannants
UK Price: £7.50

Decal Review
This sheet offers markings for the following options
• I.449 of the Flight School, Hungarian Air Force, summer 1941
• I.0+64, 1-2/2 Fast Bomber Squadron, Hungarian Air Force, summer 1944
• 7501 of the Croatian Air Force, Zagreb, 1943
• 947 of the Italian Air Force, Tirana, Albania, autumn 1941

The instructions list all colours by name and Revell or Tamiya paint ranges and the decal sheet is beautifully printed, being nice and glossy with limited excess carrier film. The sheet also includes decals for the instrument panels and a fuel triangle and First Air symbol.

As ICM couldn't offer all the options they wanted in the kit, offering these four separately makes perfect sense and thus allows modellers to go with the kit options, or those offered here. Highly recommended to all with the Bü 131D in their build pile.

Our thanks to ICM (www.icm.com.ua) for the review sample.