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De Havilland Mosquito B Mk IV Serie II

Scale: 1/32nd
Manufacturer: HK Models
Ref No: 01E015
Material: IM, PE, R
UK Distributor: Pocketbond Ltd
UK Price: £149.99

De Havilland Mosquito B Mk IV Serie II
De Havilland Mosquito B Mk IV Serie II De Havilland Mosquito B Mk IV Serie II De Havilland Mosquito B Mk IV Serie II De Havilland Mosquito B Mk IV Serie II
Kit Review
Well, we have waited a long time for a new 1/32nd scale Mossie and here is the first due this year, that produced by HK Models. Inside the box you will find everything beautifully packed and there are twenty sprues in a medium grey-coloured plastic, the one-piece wing, forward and aft fuselage, again in the grey plastic, four clear sprues and a fret of photo-etched brass. Surface detail is engraved where necessary, as the Mosquito's wooden construction means the only metal areas are things like the tail cone, tailplanes, inboard fairings for the wing-root radiators and engine nacelles. Mention must be made of the wing, as it is truly one-piece, with both upper and lower parts moulded together, no join along the leading edge and the whole wing as one single moulding. The fuselage is done is similar stunning manner, with the break at the front by the transit joint, so that the entire rear section is one piece, and the whole cockpit/nose is another. This is excellent use of modern tooling and it does mean that there are no big seams to deal with, plus the model breaks down very much like the real thing. Cockpit detail is excellent and each seat has etched belts and the whole thing builds up as a tub that then fits into that one-piece nose moulding. The radio equipment in the cockpit appears to be the usual 1154/1155 combination, but these lack detail such as the tuning knobs, the plates on the top and all the wires etc., so there is a lot of scope to add more. The inner frame of the canopy is a separate component moulded in grey plastic, as this allows you to deal with the frame in the rear section that only exists inside the perspex and you even get the flare pistol to mount in the roof. The tailplane is a one-piece moulding, with separate elevators. The rear fuselage gets the front of the bomb bay (bulkhead etc.) and the access door on the starboard (lower) side, but there is nothing inside that area. The undercarriage is made up of multiple parts, then the mid/rear of the nacelle builds up around each completed unit. Both engines are included, with firewall, engine bearers, exhaust stacks etc. The option for the standard bomb bay with four HE bombs is included, but you also have the option of the bulged bomb bay with a 4,000lb HC 'Cookie'. This is very nice but I can't see any shackles in the bomb bay to hold it (it just 'plugs into the bomb bay roof via pins) and the three fuse pockets in the nose are moulded in situ, so the horizontal join of the bomb goes right through this detail. A shame really, as separate fuses with arming vanes would have been possible in this scale.The aerial mast is the last addition, so when you add the lead it only goes half way up the vertical fin leading edge and with the B Mk IV Series II, there should be a second lead from the aerial top to the leading edge/tip of the port tailplane (usually, but not always, so check period images if possible). This first edition of the kit includes two resin crew figures, which are beautifully sculpted by Steve Warrilow.

Colour Options
There are three schemes in the kit.
• DZ296 at No.305 Ferry Training Unit, Errol, Scotland in August 1943 - this is marked with Russian stars with painted-out RAF insignia - Note some sources state this did not have red stars above the wings, but there is a photo of this machine after the starboard u/c collapsed and it did have stars above the wing, right on top of the painted-out RAF roundels• DZ637, P3•C, No.692 Sqn, RAF Graveley, spring 1944 - This is the subject of the well-know series of images showing a Cookie being loaded, done by the Air Ministry in 1944
• DZ637, AZ•X, No.627 Squadron, RAF Woodhall Spa, summer 1944
Options 1 and 3 are Ocean Grey/Dark Green over Medium Sea Grey, whilst Option 2 is Ocean Grey/Dark Green over Night. A separate A3 sheet lists all colours by Gunze-Sangyo Mr Color, Tamiya and AK Interactive paint numbers. The decals are well printed by Cartograf and the national insignia colour looks good. The sheet includes all the markings for each option, a set of roundels etc., the dial faces for the instrument panel and a set of airframe stencils.

This is already my 'Kit of the Year' not just because the Mosquito is my all-time favourite aircraft type, but because this is a really stunning kit. The finesse of the moulding and the engineering is superb, in this one product you can see a future for this hobby; less main assembly via clever moulding, that's the way forward right there. This is one we can recommend without any reservations, it should be within the scope of all regardless of experience although we appreciate the price tag puts this into the 'dedicated' bracket. A shame, as it is LOVELY!

Our thanks to Pocketbond for the review sample, check out this and all other ranges they import by visiting their website www.pocketbond.co.uk.