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D.H.98 Mosquito used by Australian pilots in the RAAF and RAF

Scale: 1/48th
Manufacturer: DK Decals
Ref No: 48005
UK Distributor: Hannants
UK Price: £7.99

Decal Review
This sheet offers markings for the following options:
• FB Mk VI, A52-233, •NA, No.1 Sqn, RAAF, Borneo, 1945 (Aluminium overall)
• FB Mk VI, A52-513, NA•M, No.1 Sqn, RAAF, Borneo, 1945 (Aluminium overall)
• FB Mk VI, A52-531, No.1 Sqn, RAAF, Borneo, 1945 (Aluminium overall)
• PR Mk 40, A52-6, No.87 Sqn, RAAF, Coomalee Creek, 1944 (PRU Blue overall)
• PR Mk XVI, A52-619, No.87 Sqn, RAAF, Australia, 1945 (PRU Blue overall)
• FB Mk VI, HX914, SB•O, No.464 Sqn, RAF, December 1943 (Dark Green/Medium Sea Grey/Night)
• FB Mk VI, HR352, SB•S, No.464 Sqn, RAF, March 1945 (Dark Green/Medium Sea Grey)
• NF Mk XVII, HK290/G, RX•J, No.456 Sqn, RAF Ford, 1944 (Dark Green/Medium Sea Grey)
The single sheet includes all the unique markings, serial numbers, roundels and fin flashes.

This is an excellent sheet, offering a nice mix of subjects/types in a variety of colour schemes. The decals are superb with perfect print and colour and they are nice and glossy with very little carrier. Most highly recommended to all Mossie fans.

Our thanks to DK Decals for the review sample. Visit their website at www.dkdecals.cz for detail on this and all their other products.