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Die alten Kanonen

Scale: 1/32nd
Manufacturer: Eduard
Ref No: D32007
EU Price: £8.60

Die alten Kanonen
Die alten Kanonen Die alten Kanonen Die alten Kanonen Die alten Kanonen

Decal Review
This sheet offers the following schemes for the Meng Fokker Dr.I
• S/No.450/17, flown by Lt Josef Jacobs, Jasta 7, Rumbeke, Belgium, March 1918
• S/No.479/17, flown by Lt August Raben, CO of Jasta 18, Montingen, France, October 1918
• S/No.503/17, flown by Lt Hans Körner, Jasta 19, Balatre, Belgium, April 1918
• S/No.557/17, flown by Lt Rudolf Klimke, Jasta 27, Halluin-Ost, France, May 1918
The decals are beautifully printed in the Czech Republic, with perfect register and colour. They are nice and glossy with limited areas of carrier film, which itself is also perfectly clear and glossy, so they should settle down on your model with ease.
Our thanks to Eduard for the review sample, visit their website (here) for more details or to purchase this sheet.