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Do 335 Pfeil

Scale: 1/32nd
Manufacturer: EagleCals
Ref No: EC#164
UK Distributor: Hannants
UK Price: £15.99 ($19.50)

Decal Review
This sheet offers markings for the following options
• Do 335A-02, W/Nr.240102, VG+PH, December 1945 in American markings after capture (RLM 81/82 over RLM 65)
• Do 335A-0, W/Nr. 240105, Müchen-Riem, April 1945 (RLM 81/82 over RLM 65)
• Do 335A-0, W/Nr.240108, VG+PN, December 1944 (RLM 82/83 over RLM 65, but may be RLM 76). This is the only known Do 335 to have even been in combat, when it was shot down on the 24th December 1944
• Do 335A-1, W/Nr.240162, captured at Oberfaffenhofen, Bavaria in April 1945 (RLM 82/83 over natural metal)
An excellent sheet with perfect register and colour. Hopefully HK will do the A-series before too long, but you can also get these options as 1/72nd ($12.50) or 1/48th ($16.50) versions as well for the Dragon or Tamiya kits.

Our thanks to Eagle Editions for the review sample. Visit their website at www.eagle-editions.com for detail on this and all their other products.