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Douglas AC-47 Gunship Exterior Detail Set

Scale: 1/48th
Manufacturer: Eduard
Ref No: 48-858
Material: PE
Designed for: Monogram/Revell
UK Distributor: Hannants
UK Price: £22.60

Accessory Review
In this set you get the air dams for the windows, the fuel filler caps, carburettor intake screens, numerous access panels, the surrounds for the landing light, ignition harness, brake lines, the cross brace for each undercarriage leg, the linkage for the trim tabs, the truncated tail cone (for which you will have to cut the corresponding area off the kit) and numerous antenna and mounting panels for above and below the nose.
Visit here to download the instructions as a PDF file.

The base kit is old but good, so this set will allow you to add some finesse that is beyond plastic, so it is highly recommended.

Our thanks to Eduard (www.eduard.com) for the review sample.