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Focke-Wulf Fw 190A-3 PLUS £30+ of accessories and six OOP sets

Our Price: £29.99
Status: Pre-owned kit
Manufacturer: Tamiya
Ref No: 60766
Scale: 1/72
Material: IM

Sorry, this item is out of print/stock.
If you would like to see this product reprinted/restocked please email us.

Complete with all parts still in their bags
Quickboost #QB72311 Rudder {£3.40}
Eduard #SS176 Zoom detail set {£OOP}
Aires #7234 A-3/A-5 Wheels and Masks {£3.60}
Eduard #XS513 National Insignia Masks (vinyl) {£OOP}
Eduard #XS148 Canopy & Wheel Masks (vinyl) {£OOP}
Eduard #72385 Fw 190A Landing Flaps - Wooden {£4.99}
BarracudaCast #BR72087 Fw 190A-1 through A-8 Propeller & Spinner {£4.99}
Master #AM-72-012 Fw 190A-2 to A-5 Armament & Pitot Tube Set {£2.99}
AML #72 010 Fw 190A-4 conversion {£3.60}
Quickboost #QB72309 Fw 190A-3 Stabilisers {£3.40}
Quickboost #QB72414 Fw 190A Control Surfaces {£3.40}
Eduard #CX029 Canopy & Wheel Masks [Kabuki tape] {£OOP}
Quickboost #QB72047 Fw 190A-3 Exhausts {£2.60}
Aires #7157 Fw 190A-3 Cockpit Set {£OOP}
Tally Ho! #R72 018 Fw 190A/F/G Main Undercarriage Wheel Wells {£OOP} - Total Accessories Value = £30+ PLUS 6x Out of Production sets