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Fw 190A-8 Engine & Fuselage Guns

Scale: 1/72nd
Manufacturer: Brassin
Ref No: 672 088
Material: R, PE
Designed for: Eduard
UK Price: £16.70

Accessory Review
This set offers the complete engine seen in 672 082 along with the ammunition boxes for the machine-guns that mount in the upper nose, projecting above the engine. The resin and etched parts for the engine are identical to 672 082, in this set though you get a few more bits of resin for the cowl guns and access panels etc, plus all the upper cowling latches in etched brass.

This is a big and impressive set, which should be pretty straightforward to fit in the kit, but is such that it can only be recommended to more experienced modellers.

Our thanks to Eduard (www.eduard.com) for the review sample.