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Fw 190Fs & A-9

Scale: 1/32nd
Manufacturer: EagleCals
Ref No: EC166
UK Distributor: Hannants
UK Price: £TBA ($21.50)

This sheet offers markings for the following options:
Fw 190A-9, W/Nr.206000, 'White 9', III./KG(J) 27, Wels, Austria (RLM 74/75 over 76)
Fw 190F-8, 'Black 11', Luftflotte 4 (RLM 74/75 over 76 with mottling of RLM 81 and 02 on fuselage)
Fw 190F-8, W/Nr.582304, 'Yellow 13', II./SG10, Neubiberg, Germany (RLM 74/75 over 76)
Fw 190F-8, 'Black 3', 5./SG2, belly-landed by Fw Eugen Lörcher at Aufhausen, Germany, 8th May 1945 (natural metal with a mottle of RLM 75 on rear fuselage and fin)
There are two A4-sized decal sheet in this set, one contains the unique markings along with swastikas split into two elements, the other has four pairs of crosses, three styles of swastika (again in two parts) and a set of airframe and drop tank stencils.

An excellent set with the decals having perfect register and colour. It is the ideal companion to the new Revell kit but you can also get these options as 1/72nd ($12.50) or 1/48th ($16.50) versions as well from Eagle Cals.

Our thanks to Eagle Editions for the review sample. Visit their website at www.eagle-editions.com for detail on this and all their other products.