Paints & Materials
We now stock Gunze-Sangyo Aqueous Hobby Color paints and materials for sale at shows. (We are currently unable to send these through the post.) Check the show diary on the home page for the next event we will attend. Personal callers are welcome. Please call in advance to check that we have your preferred colours or materials in stock.

Gunze-Sangyo Aqueous Hobby Color paints
£2.00 (inc VAT@20%) per 35mm jar
H1 White
H2 Black
H3 Red
H4 Yellow
H5 Blue
H6 Green
H12 Black
H20 Flat Clear
H44 Flesh
H45 Light Blue
H51 USN WWII Light Gull Gray
H52 USAAF WWII Olive Drab
H53 USAAF WWII Neutral Gray
H54 USN WWII Navy Blue
H55 USN WWII Midnight Blue
H56 USN WWII Intermediate Blue
H57 USAAF Aircraft Gray
H58 USAAF WWII Interior Green
H59 IJN WWII Green
H60 IJA WWII Green
H63 IJA/N WWII Metallic Blue/Green
H64 RLM 71 Dunkelgrun
H65 RLM 70 Schwartzgrun
H66 RLM79 Sandbraun
H67 RLM 65 Hellblau
H68 RLM 74 Dunkelgrau
H69 RLM 75 Grau
H70 RLM 02 Grau
H71 RAF WWII Middlestone
H72 RAF WWII Dark Earth
H73 RAF WWII Dark Green
H75 RAF WWII Dark Sea Grey
H90 Clear Red
H91 Clear Yellow
H92 Clear Orange
H93 Clear |Blue
H94 Clear Green
H301 Gray FS36081
H302 Green FS34092
H303 Green FS34102
H305 Gray FS36118
H306 Gray FS36270
H308 Gray FS36375
H311 Gray FS36622
H315 Gray FS16440
H316 FS17875 White
H317 FS36231 Grey
H318 Radome
H319 Light Green
H320 Dark Green
H325 Gray FS26440
H330 RAF Mod. Dark Green
H331 Dark Sea Grey
H332 Light Aircraft Grey
H333 RAF Mod. Extra Dark Sea Grey
H334 RAF Mod. Barley Grey
H335 RAF Mod. Medium. Sea Grey
H336 Hemp
H337 Grayish Blue FS35237
H338 Light Gray FS36495
H339 Engine Gray FS16081
H406 Chocolate Brown
H413 RLM 04 Yellow
H414 RLM 23 Rot
H416 RLM 66 Schwartzgrau
H417 RLM 76 Lichtblau
H418 RLM 78 Hellblau
H420 RLM 80 Olivgrun
H421 RLM 81 Braunviolett
H422 RLM 82 Lichtgrun
H423 RLM 83 Dunkelgrun
Gunze-Sangyo Metal Color paints
£3.00 (inc VAT@20%) per 35mm jar
MC211 Chrome Silver
MC212 Iron
MC213 Stainless
MC214 Dark Iron
MC215 Copper
MC216 Bronze
MC218 Aluminium
MC219 Brass
MC317 Gold
Gunze-Sangyo Mr Color paints
£2.00 (inc VAT@20%) per 35mm jar
C27 Interior Green
C101 Smoke Gray
C125 Cowling Colour
C181 Semi-Gloss Super Clear
C182 Flat Clear
Gunze-Sangyo materials
Mr Cap Opener £9.50
Mr Cement DeLuxe £3.90
Mr Cement S £5.10
Mr Color Levelling Thinner £10.35
Mr Color Replenishing Agent £8.50
Mr Color Thinner 250 £6.60
Mr Color Thinner 400 £9.35
Mr Dissolved Putty £5.50
Mr Fineline Surfacer Black £5.50
Mr Mark Softer Neo £4.50
Mr Primer Surfacer 1000 £5.50
Mr Super Clear Flat £10.20
Mr Super Clear Gloss £10.20
Mr Surfacer 500 £5.50
Mr Surfacer 1000 £5.50
Mr Surfacer 1200 £5.50
Mr Surfacer Finisher Black 1500 £9.00
Mr Topcoat Flat £6.00
Mr White Putty £4.50
Mr White Putty R £5.00
(inc VAT@20%)