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Handley-Page Halifax B Mk II Correction Set

Scale: 1/72nd
Manufacturer: AML
Ref No: AMLA 72 040
Material: R, PE, Dec
Designed for: Revell
UK Price: £23.99
UK Distributor: Hannants

Accessory Review
This set is intended for the new-tooled Halifax from Revell and it goes a long way to correct some of the errors we all know exist in that kit. The resin parts include two main wheels, with the correct diameter and excellent hub and tread detail. There are also new propellers and spinners, the former with a jig to assemble them at the right angle/pitch, plus new engine fronts and side intakes. The final resin parts are the two sections of the tailwheel door.The little etched fret contains all the seat belts for all the flight crew seats.

The set also comes with decals for the following two options
1. Mk II Series Ia, L9613, NF•V, used by No.138 Squadron at Tempsford for special operations from November 1941

2. Mk II, BB340, NF•D used by No.138 squadron for special operations, which crash-landed near Caen on the night of the 12th/13th April 1943.

For the first option the nose art is made up of a photo-etched placard on which a laser printed version of the art is applied

What an excellent set, true it is quite expensive, but it does offer a lot of parts and it corrects the main errors in the kit whilst also giving you some very nice alternative decal options. It is certainly one we highly recommend, although only for those experienced in working with the various mediums included