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Handley-Page Victor K Mk 2

Scale: 1/72nd
Manufacturer: Revell
Ref No: 04326
Material: IM
UK Distributor: Revell GmbH (UK Branch)
UK Price: £22.99

Handley-Page Victor K Mk 2
Handley-Page Victor K Mk 2 Handley-Page Victor K Mk 2 Handley-Page Victor K Mk 2 Handley-Page Victor K Mk 2
Kit Review
This kit is, of course, the old Matchbox tool that dates back to 1983. It was reissued again in 1992, although by that stage the Matchbox name was used by Revell under licence as they had acquired all the toolings. Since then it has been reissued a number of times under the Revell label and this one is well timed, as it allows you to build all the V-bombers in 1/72nd; it's just as well, as second-hand ones of these were going for £50+ a time on eBay in late 2014!

Inside the big box you will find three sprues in a light grey-coloured plastic and a single clear one. giving 104 grey and four clear parts. The thing to remember is that this is not a Matchbox 'trenches' kit, only the bomb bay and nose access panel are engraved, a little heavily I grant you, all the other panel lines are raised and extremely fine. There is little or no flash on the grey parts, but there is a little on some of the clear components. The framework on the nose glazing is still well defined, so should be no problem in masking. Your options in this kit are wheel up, wheels down and wheels down with crew access door open and ladder extended.

Detail is as you would expect from a product of the 1980s, with the flight deck just furnished with floor/bulkhead and seats with generic crew figures. The instrument panel is flat, but there is a nice decal to go on it and if you have the access door closed, you won't see anything inside anyway. The limitations of the injection equipment that Matchbox used back then means that it is A-typical in that they could not make large parts in one go, so the wings are made up of inner and outer sections. The control surfaces are not separate, but the inboard flap sections are. The tail cone is another separate part, which you can have with the air brakes open or closed. The hose and drogue refuelling pods are OK,  and the undercarriage is acceptable or you can get lovely resin wheels from Resin Art to replace them if you want.

The kit comes with two decal options; XH672, No.55 Squadron, RAF Marham during Operation Desert Storm in 1991 and XL163, No.57 Squadron, RAF Marham in 1983. All of the colours are, as usual with Revell, listed as insane mixes of their own colours, with no note as to the official colour names. The official colours therefore should be Hemp over Light Aircraft Grey for option 1 and Medium Sea Grey and Dark Green over Gloss White for option 2.
The decal sheet is very nice, with the Day-Glo panels for option 2 being very effective. The colour and register is perfect, but the overall sheen is more matt than satin and you can see the carrier film is quite opaque around certain images. Don't forget that Euro Decals did a superb Victor sheet in 1/72nd (#ED-72100) a while back and AirDecals do sheets for both camouflage and anti-flash white versions, so there is no shortage of alternative schemes.

It is good to have this one back, sure Airfix might do it, but that's still only a big MIGHT, so add this one to your collection and complete the V-bomber trio. Freightdog Models do an excellent upgrade set for this kit, with new one-piece resin intakes, plus a conversion for the B Mk 2 if you fancy doing that instead.

Our thanks to Revell GmbH (UK Branch) for the review sample. For more details on this and the entire Revell range visit here.