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Iwata Lube

Manufacturer: Iwata
UK Distributor: The Airbrush Company
UK Price: £8.99

Iwata Lube is essential for good maintenance of your Iwata airbrush or any other airbrush to keep parts moving smoothly. It can be used on all moving parts, in particular apply it to:
• Main (trigger) lever
• Needle packing
• Valve-piston packing
• Along the needle and in the needle cap to enhance paint flow and prevent the tip drying (very important with acrylics that tend to dry in the tip)
This lubricant is non-toxic and silicone-free and in its current form it does not evaporate and maintains viscosity in all environments (temperature & humidity)

This type of silicone-free lubricant is a must if you use an airbrush, even if that is only infrequently, as it will protect your investment as well as making it work smoother for those of you that use one regularly. It is certainly a must for anyone's tool kit.

Our thanks to The Airbrush Company Ltd (www.airbrushes.com) for the review sample, for more details or to order visit here.

SAFETY NOTE - Do not use silicon-based lubricants in your airbrush trigger and air valve, it is dangerous to mix compressed air with such lubricants (oil-based is no good either).