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Metal Polishing Powder

Manufacturer: Uschi van der Rosten
Ref No: 4009
UK Distributor: Albion Alloys Ltd
UK Price: £9.00

This polishing powder should be applied over gloss or matt black paint, the sheen of the finished effect will be determined by the gloss achieved. You can also achieve different tones by using different colours other than black as the base coat.
This is an excellent product that is highly recommended to all. You can obtain Uschi van der Rosten products from various outlets, whilst the UK importer and distributor for the range is Albion Alloys, so find out more by visiting their website at www.albionalloys.co.uk.

Our thanks to Uschi van der Rosten (www.uschivdr.com, email: alex@uschivdr.com) for the review sample.