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MiG-21Um Interior Detail Set (PP/SA)

Scale: 1/48th
Manufacturer: Eduard
Ref No: 49-710
Material: PE
Designed for: Trumpeter
UK Price: £18.70
UK Distributor: Creative Models Ltd & Hannants

Accessory Review
This set includes pre-painted self-adhesive detail parts for the side consoles, sidewalls and instrument panels, as well as seat belts, various details for each seat, rudder pedals and the canopy sills with locking levers etc. The unpainted fret contains some boxes inside the cockpit area, the sills inside each opening canopy section and all the rear-view mirrors 
Visit http://www.eduard.com/store/out/media/49710.pdf to download the instructions as a PDF file
An excellent set with those pre-painted instrument panels and side consoles just too good that there is no way of reproducing that sort of fine detail yourself, well not without serious back ache and eye strain!
Our thanks to Eduard (www.eduard.com) for the review sample.