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Mosquito B Mk IV Exterior/Engine Detail Set

Scale: 1/32nd
Manufacturer: Eduard
Ref No: 32-277
Material: PE
Designed for: HK Model
UK Distributor: Hannants
UK Price: £22.60

Accessory Review
In this set you get ribs for the heel wells, the filler and drain caps for the hydraulic oil tanks, the 'Rolls-Royce' badges on each engine, the support and mudguard on each undercarriage assembly, the ice guard on the intake, radiator matrices, the edge ribs and access panels on the upper and side cowlings and the inspection panels and locks for the undercarriage doors.
Visit here to download the instructions as a PDF file

Again, if you are going to have the engine exposed then this type of set add those little touches that are just so visible on the completed model.

Our thanks to Eduard (www.eduard.com) for the review sample.