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Polikarpov I-16 Type 28

Scale: 1/48th
Manufacturer: ICM
Ref No: 48098
Material: IM
UK Distributor: Hannants
UK Price: £14.99

Kit Review
This is a revised tooling from ICM, based on the Type 24 version (#48097) that was released in 2017.

Inside the box you get one clear and two medium grey-coloured plastic sprues. Surface detail is via engraved lines combined with raised areas for those details best depicted in this manner; the fabric-covered control surfaces use raised ribs that are softly defined. All colour call-outs are via Revell and Tamiya paint ranges, so you will be able to substitute your preferred range if you so choose. Construction is straightforward and the ailerons, elevators and rudder are all separate. The interior combines separate bulkheads, floor, seat, instrument panel etc. with the rib detail moulded into each fuselage half. The engine is a multi-part sub-assembly that mounts onto a separate ring and has all the induction and exhaust pipes separate, so this is pretty comprehensive. The front cowl is separate and has the shutters separate inside, so you can pose these as you see fit. All bar the lower cowls, which are moulded with the lower wing half, are separate, so you can at least expose that nice little engine if you wish. The undercarriage is well done, with separate multi-part doors and nicely moulded detail to the wheel hubs. Both crew access doors are separate and the guns, pitot and venturi tube are all nicely moulded separate components.

The kit offers three decal options: 
• 'Yellow 15' of the 45th Aviation Division, Southern Front, Odessa Area, late June 1941
• 'White 6' of the 45th Aviation Division, Southern Front, Odessa Area
• 'White 51' of the 72nd Moxed Regiment of the Northern Fleet Aviation, August 1941
The decals are beautifully printed, with perfect register and colour and they are very glossy, as is the norm nowadays with ICM. The sheet includes all national markings etc., but apart from the trestle marking on the rear fuselage, there are no stencils.

Although the Eduard kit is out there and that's very nice and easy to build, this new I-16 from ICM is comprehensive in its detail and they certainly intend to offer a whole familty of them, so they are well worth adding to your collection. Our thanks to ICM for the review sample (www.icm.com.ua), UK modellers can obtain this kit from Hannants here.