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R-98MR 'AA-3C Anab'

Scale: 1/48th
Manufacturer: Plus Models
Ref No: AL48053
Material: R, PE, Dec
UK Distributor: Historex Agents
UK Price: £TBA (11.10)

Accessory Review
This set offers two complete missiles, which are similar to the AA-3A. but have a revised aft section and exhaust. They are moulded in resin, the main body and aft fins are all one piece with the nose cap, tail/exhaust and fore fins all separate. There is a small fret of etched details and a set of stencil decals.
These are excellent missiles, being highly detailed and this particular type is applicable to the Su-15 and Yak-28P.

Our thanks to Plus Models (www.plusmodels.cz) for the review sample.