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Tools & Equipment

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0.3ml Pipettes
Pack of 12
Acrylic Thinners
AK Interactive (#AK 712)
Acrylic Varnishes (AK Interactive)
AK Interactive (#AK 190 & AK 191)
Albion Alloys (#AAC04 to AAC14)
Corroded Metal FX Mini Shaker Kit
Flake King Corroded Metal
Crafty Products
Hand Drill
Revell (#39064)
Luftwaffe Camouflage 2
AK Interactive (#AK 2020)
Metal Polishing Powder
Uschi van der Rosten
Metal Varnish (water-based)
Vallejo (#26.567)
Model with color plate
UStar (#U.A.90020)
Precision Saw
Revell (#39067)
Sparmax MAX-4 Airbrush
with Pre-set Handle and Crown Cap
Three Green - Flexible Nose Weight
Uschi van der Rosten
Top Notch Masks
Vinyl Paint Masks

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