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Typhoon Mk Ib Detail-Up Part

Scale: 1/24th
Manufacturer: Mk 1 Design
Ref No: MA-24001
Material: R, WM, BR, PE
Designed for: Airfix kit
UK Price: £101.25
UK Distributor: Hannants

Typhoon Mk Ib Detail-Up Part
Typhoon Mk Ib Detail-Up Part Typhoon Mk Ib Detail-Up Part Typhoon Mk Ib Detail-Up Part Typhoon Mk Ib Detail-Up Part
Accessory Review
Phew, this is one amazing set, as you will see from the accompanying images. Detail is extensive with pre-painted photo-etched for the instrument panel, side consoles and seat belts, plus unpainted etched for the landing flaps, rocket fins and saddle plates, rudder pedals, various engine details, the screens for the chin radiators, tailwheel bay roof, access steps and hand-holds and the tail ‘fishplates’. You also get a mass of brass, with new Hispano cannon barrels, 3in rocket tubes, 60lb HE heads, a mass of 20mm cartridges, the recoil tubes for each cannon and the rods inside each landing flap around which the etched ribs etc. are attached. The resin components include the main and tailwheels, which look a little too ‘weighted’ to us(?), the Hispano cannon breeches, cartridge feed chutes and the ammunition feed units, corrected handed for left and right. The white-metal parts include four propeller blades, which are shown used for either the three of four blade propeller units, new undercarriage legs and separate compression linkage. The final items are four metal recoil springs for the cannon.

An amazing product that will add so much to the Airfix kit all of which in this scale will be very visible indeed. The asking price in excess of the kit itself, but if you are looking to spend £90 on a kit then the addition of this set will probably make its building a year long task, so well worth it. The set is made to the highest standards and is therefore highly recommended to all Tiffie fans and experienced modellers.
Our thanks to KA-Models (www.ka-models.com) for the review sample.

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