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U-2/Po-2 Detail Set (PP/SA)

Scale: 1/48th
Manufacturer: Eduard
Ref No: 49-727
Material: PE
Designed for: ICM
UK Distributor: Hannants
UK Price: £11.30

Accessory Review
This single  pre-painted, self-adhesive fret  offers the engine ignition harness, bomb fins and arming vanes, gun sights and ammo bins, seat belts, instrument panels, various details for the sidewalls, control surface linkage, rudder pedals, flight wire mounts and turnbuckles, and the undercarriage rigging wires. 
Visit here to download the instructions as a PDF file

This is an excellent little set that will add much to the delicate nature of the Po-2, plus you get all the rigging mounts, so there is no excuse not to add all the flight wires.

Our thanks to Eduard (www.eduard.com) for the review sample.