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Westland Lysander Mk III

Scale: 1/48th
Manufacturer: Eduard
Ref No: 8290
Material: IM, PE, R, Ma
UK Distributor: Hannants
UK Price: £28.30

Westland Lysander Mk III
Westland Lysander Mk III Westland Lysander Mk III Westland Lysander Mk III Westland Lysander Mk III
Kit Review
This is a reissue of the Gavia kit first released in 2001, then upgraded with pre-painted photo-etched and resin and issued by Eduard in 2003 and again in 2011.

Inside the box you will find four sprues of a dark grey-coloured plastic, a fret of photo-etched brass, resin detail parts and a set of self-adhesive masks. Surface detail is via engraved lines, with no rivets, plus raised ribs for the fabric-covered surfaces. All colour call-outs are via Gunze-Sangyo Mr Aqueous Hobby Color and Mr Color ranges. 
The kit remains unchanged since the 2003 reissue, with new pre-painted etched though for the seat belts, instrument panel etc. The resin parts are ammunition drums, rear-facing Vickers machine-gun and intake 'trumpets' in the cowling. The kit comes with the twin Browning machine-gun option, plus the SD (Special Duties) access ladder and drop tank under the fuselage. You don't get any racks and anti-personnel bombs for the winglets though, as they don't apply to this variant. Die-cut self-adhesive masks are included for all the canopy glazing plus the wheel hubs and the landing lights.
Colour Options
The kit offers five decal options: 
• Mk IIIA, V4937, AR•W, No.309 (Polish) Sqn, Dunino, Scotland, 1942

• Mk IIIA, V9374, ZR•F, No.615 Sqn, 1941

• Mk III, T1429, RM•H, No.26 Sqn, RAF Gatwick, 1940/41

• Mk III SCW, V9287, No.161 (SD) Sqn, RAF Tempsford, 1942

• Mk III SCW, V9367, MA•B, No.161 (SD) Sqn, RAF Tempsford, 1944

The decal sheet, which is printed by Eduard, is excellent and has perfect register and colour density and it also includes a full set of airframe stencils 

This has always been 'the' choice for the type in this scale, and it remains so. The upgrade by adding coloured photo-etched does add that little extra to the kit and so it is well worth adding to your RAF collection now. 

UK modellers can obtain this kit from Hannants (here), or you can visit the Eduard website directly (here).

NOTE: Don't forget that Eduard are currently offering 'overtree' sets of the sprues for this kit off of their website, so you can buy another set of parts and build another of the excellent options, without all the expense of buying a complete new kit. They also offer the etched set separately as well, should you want it.