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WWII USAAF/USN Seat Belt Set Type 1 (Beige)

Scale: 1/32nd
Manufacturer: Tetra Model Works
Ref No: AA-32001
Material: PE, Pa

Accessory Review
This is a set of belts that combines laser-cut 'fabric' (paper) material with photo-etched and they depict the individual style straps in a beige colour. The paper is used to reproduce the fabric elements of each belt, while the etched parts are used to make up the buckles and other fittings.
These belts are excellent, the assembly is quite complex, with a number of etched parts per set of belts, so they will take care and attention to assemble. The instructions are nice and clear, you just have to sort out which applies to the set you are making, as they cover all types (and set) thus far produced by Tetra.
Highly recommended to all intermediate and experienced modellers. 

Our thanks to Tetra Model Works (www.tetramodels.com) for the review sample. There is no UK importer for this range as we write this, so check out Tetra's site for price and availability.